I like making videos

     I'm Just A Freak
     For Chris 9-19-16
     Remembering Charlie Voth
     For Elmer

     Psalm 119
     July 10, 2020 I really like
          2006 Marty Goetz

               My Remix
               Phil Driscoll
     Disciples' Prayer
     Tom's 2008

     The Eagles 2008
          Nicole Mullins My Remix
     At The Coast
     Phil Driscoll 2000

          Old Poem
     West Wing Excerpt
          Old Poem
          Old Poem

     Seminary Project
          Church Project
     Sounds of Silence remix
     Psalm 119

     Greatest Commandment
     Come To Me
     Sands of Time
     Armor Of God

     Another Favorite
          Pastor Stan Russell
     A Little Mercy Now

     Seek The Silence
     Proverbs 3
          Seminary Project
     Sitting Before The Lord

     Our Father
     The Lower Life Form
     God Made The Universe
     Psalm 71

     Scripture 1
     Scripture 2
     What Is Truth?
     Come To Me

     Colossians 3:1-17
     Lamentations 3
     Theologival Types
          Throwaways 2007