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An Old Man's Favorite Psalm
Names of God 07-10-2020
Least We Forget 2006
Chariots Of Fire 2006

Praise You In The Storm My Remix
I Exalt Thee - Phil Driscoll
Disciples' Prayer
No Greater Love 2008

Learn To Be Still 2008 - The Eagles
My Redeemer Lives remix Nicole Mullins
Twin Rocks At The Coast
Mount Up Like Eagles - Phil Driscoll 2000

The Starbucks Priests
West Wing Excerpt In Excelsis Deo
Why God ?

Social Justice Seminary Project
Footsteps To The Cross Church Project
Sounds of Silence - Disturbed remix
Psalm 119 Favorite Psalm

Greatest Commandment
Come To Me
Sands of Time
Armor Of God

Meditation - Morgan MacPherson
Corners Of My Soul - Tom Nicholson
Heal Our Land
A Little Mercy Now

Seek The Silence
Proverbs 3
Widows & Orphands
Sitting Before The Lord

Our Father
The Lower Life Form
God Made The Universe
Psalm 71

Scripture 1
Scripture 2
What Is Truth?
Come To Me

Colossians 3:1-17
Lamentations 3
Theologival Types
Throwaways 2007