Theology Of The Cross


Christian Alternative to Late Modernity's Story

Preaching to the Heart


Where Imagination & Innovation Meet

Who Will Convert the West?


Hope Beyond the Walls of the World

A Biblical Perspective on Risk


Spiritual Warfare


An Identity That Can Handle Either Success or Failure

Humble Cultural Engagement


Laboring for a God Who Fights for Us

Counterfeit Gods




Cultural Transformation


Sexuality and Christian Hope


Reason for God


Your Plans: God's Plans


How Sin Makes Us Addicts


Uncovering Satisfaction


Work and Rest


The New Heaven and New Earth


How To Change Deeply


Why Culture Matters


Praying Our Fears


When I Survey


Literalism: Bible historically unreliable & regressive?

Don’t Fear the Future


The Two Great Tests


The Struggle for Love


Peace: Overcoming Anxiety


Life & Prosperity, Death & Destruction

Satanic Exposition


Atheism Demolished


The Wounded Spirit


A Biblical Perspective on Risk


Isaiah 6: Responding to the Right Call